Will Planting Trees Affect Your Underground Utilities?

Trees are much more than what we see above the ground; many times their roots are larger than the branch spread. When you dig for planting trees, a crucial factor is to consider the proximity of buildings, sidewalks, access roads, streets, utilities situated above and under ground, septic systems etc.

Before you plant a tree, call before you dig in DenverUnderground utilities can get damaged by tree roots and repairing them is very costly and may involve legal issues, especially if you damage public utilities that serve an entire community.

In some situations, tree roots can coexist with underground utilities, but they may be damaged if the lines need to be dug up for repairs.

Examples of private utilities that can be affected by planting trees:

  • underground sewer lines
  • water pipes
  • invisible dog fence wires
  • propane lines
  • electric wires to lampposts or outbuildings

What can you do to avoid problems?

Do not start digging before locating underground utilities that trees may damage. Call before you dig in Denver  – it is free! and schedule a location session for public utilities, performed by specialist locators. However, there are also private underground utilities and these are not included in the 811“Call Before You Dig” service.  To avoid hitting and breaking them in the process of planting trees, you must contact a private locator.

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