Wildlife Found in Colorado Back Yards

Colorado is famous for its rich nature and its wildlife is also very rich and varied. However, the animals don’t stay only in the national parks and in remote places where there are no homes – they are everywhere, even in city backyards. Here are some of the most common species found in Colorado backyards:

Colorado wildlife

  • Rabbits – their cuteness is undeniable, but they are also a nuisance. Rabbits can cause lots of harm to your trees, flowers and vegetables and they leave their acid excrements everywhere. They are very resourceful animals, too, so homeowners don’t have too much chance against them;
  • Birds – eagles, hawks, doves, grackles, sparrows and finches are all very common in Colorado backyards;
  • Squirrels – these small, super-cute rodents are also frequent visitors in Colorado yards, especially if they can expect to get some treats, such as nuts and seeds;
  • Raccoons – these nocturnal critters love bushy areas and forests, but they often move to town for the food. They are really cute, but unfortunately, they are known to spread a lot of diseases, including rabies and if they find their way into attics or chimneys, they can cause lots of trouble, raiding bins for food and chewing cables.

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