When is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Colorado

Experts say that autumn is the best time to plant trees in Colorado, but many people are skeptical and wonder if it is really okay to do this job in this period, especially since the weather is cold already and there are only a few degrees over the frost limit, during the day.

Planting trees can be done until the first frost, so as long as the temperatures are positive, that is, they do not fall below 0 degrees Celsius. In Colorado, this is about until mid-October. The negative temperatures, during the night, will not affect the freshly planted trees. However, it is advisable to speed up the planting process because there are years in which winter, i.e. negative temperatures, may occur earlier.

For those who have not succeeded in planting their trees in autumn, the process can continue in the spring, but preferably as soon as possible, immediately after the snow melts, so that the transplantation goes smoothly. Delayed spring planting may lead to transplant shock, an anemic tree development in the current year, or even to the death of the tree. Therefore it is recommended that the soil and the planting pits be prepared since autumn, and the trees are transplanted as early as possible, in spring.

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