What You Should Know about Underground Utility Location Service Jobs

Underground utility location is a relatively new type of service that emerged as the result of the development in the field of imaging and excavation technologies and consists of land scanning to identify hidden utility lines that need to be removed to ensure worksite safety.

Colorado Springs utilities locationsColorado Springs utilities locations services are used by construction companies as well as by individual clients to ensure the safety of their construction projects. Many large building companies have their own utility location teams, but location services are also provided by individual companies, which means that utility location jobs are available from many companies. The employment requirements are different depending on the hiring company, but in most cases, the successful applicant will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, proven experience in the field of locating underground utilities as well as in using the related equipment. The candidates will also be required to prove that they can read blueprints and drawings to identify the direction of utility lines and that they can perform preliminary visual inspections of the work area. Many companies also require their utility locators to possess a driver’s license or to have licenses to operate specific machinery, such as excavators or other construction equipment. Most utility locator jobs are well-paid, but the hours are irregular and the work is often performed among difficult conditions.


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