What Types of Trees Have the Least Disease?

If you are currently in the process of landscaping your front yard or your garden and you are looking for trees that you can use, you must know that appearance and recommendations related to altitude and watering needs should not be the only aspects that you take into consideration. Some trees are less susceptible to fungal, viral or bacterial infections than others – here are some of the hardiest tree species that thrive well even among harsh conditions:

  • Paper bark maple – an attractive and disease-resistant species that works perfectly as the focal point in any garden and has something special and beautiful to offer in any season, such as the cinnamon-colored exfoliating bark.
  • Western red cedar – it grows slowly, but over time it becomes a huge tree that is very resistant and long-lived.
  • Sourwood – the species is native to the eastern part of the US and is a colorful addition to any garden, yielding beautiful flowers in spring and turning completely pink and red in fall. The tree is resistant to most tree diseases and it grows to be about 30 feet tall.
  • Magnolia – a spectacular and very hardy species that will embellish your garden the year around with its beautiful flowers in spring and with its evergreen foliage.

Please ensure that prior to planting any trees, before digging, you contact experienced utility location services to make sure buried cables stay secure and in good working order.