Road Grading Legislation Change

As summer starts, so does a change in legislation that became law last year. Beginning June 1, 2022, county employees performing maintenance in the right-of-way on county-maintained dirt and gravel roads will not be required to notify Colorado 811 first, unless they disturb more than 6” in depth or lower the grade of the road, adjacent shoulder, or flowline (e.g. bar/borrow ditch).  All other excavators performing road grading, are still required to submit a notification to 811.

This change will allow counties to perform their road maintenance more efficiently and allow the resources that may have otherwise been used to mark utilities in the county roads for grading, to be used marking for excavations which are typically higher risk for damages.

If you are an underground facility owner concerned with how this change may impact you and your facility, reach out to your local county roads department, or Colorado 811.

This blog post was written by Northwest Damage Prevention Liaison, Sanatam Khalsa.

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