Contact Member Relations

The Member Relations department handles the contact information and notification area data for each member, as well as updating the mapping utilized by online services such as Web Ticket Entry and iDig811.

Members are requested to update their member information by using one of our electronic forms or by written request to Member Relations at

You can contact the Member Relations department Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm at 303-232-1991.

If you are new to membership, need assistance with an existing membership or if you have a GIS related inquiry Contact our Member Relations and/or GIS Department



    Carla Sanchez
    Director of Member Relations
    (303) 205-6367
    Carlie White
    Member Relations Manager
    (303) 205-6332
    Melany Wellensiek
    Member Relations Specialist
    (303) 205-6374
    Mellissa McCafferty
    Member Relations Specialist
    (303) 205-6334
    Ericka Silvas
    Member Relations Specialist
    (303) 205-6355
    Jodie Miller
    Member Relations Specialist
    (303) 205-6328