Mandatory Positive Response

Due to legislative changes to the Colorado One Call law posting Positive Responses to locate ticket notifications through Colorado 811 will be mandatory starting January 1, 2019. Along with posting Positive Responses a facility owner/operator will be able to provide the excavator with documentation like additional comments, sketches, pictures and/or maps through Colorado 811 beginning in 2019. Positive Responses must be received by Colorado 811 before the legal locate by date on the locate ticket notification. Colorado 811 offers four different methods to post Positive Responses and meet this requirement.

How do I get started with posting positive responses?

There are four methods available to post Positive Response, they include:

  • Positive Response Website (username and password are required)
  • Colorado 811’s Positive Response 800 number
  • Vendor run Ticket Management System  (username and password are required)
  • WebTMS (provided by Colorado 811)

Please contact Member Services at for more information or to get started.

What happens if your company does not post a Positive Response to Colorado 811 by the locate by date?

If Positive Response is not provided to Colorado 811 by the locate by date, Colorado 811 will send an additional Positive Response re-notification to that facility owner/operator. Colorado 811 will continue to send out re-notifications daily until Colorado 811 receives Positive Response from the facility owner/operator. These re-notifications will be charged to the member at the standard ticket transmission fee.