Mandatory Positive Response & Automatic Re-Notifications

WHAT:  Responses to locate requests through Colorado 811 are mandatory on all ticket types. Colorado 811 will begin sending automatic re-notifications to Tier 1 Members who do not post a Positive Response to a locate request by the end of the due date starting January 1, 2020. An automatic Positive Response Re-notification occurs when no Positive Response is posted by the Tier 1 Member by the locate-by-date on the locate request. Colorado 811 will continue to send out re-notifications daily (business days only) until a response is received by Colorado 811 or for 30 days from the locate by date, whichever comes first. Emergency and damage tickets will be excluded from these re-notifications at this time.
WHEN: January 1, 2020
WHY:  C.R.S Title 9 Safety – Industrial and Commercial Article 1.5 Excavation Requirements also known as the Colorado One Call Law now requires a Positive Response to be posted to all ticket types through Colorado 811 by the locate-by-date on the locate request.  
9-1.5-103 Plans and specifications – notice of excavation – duties of excavators – duties of owners and operators – fee – repeal. 
(6.5) If positive response required pursuant to subsection (4) of this section is not
provided by the owner or operator within two business days, not including the day of actual
notice, or by a later time as otherwise agreed upon in writing, the notification association shall
send an additional renotification to that owner or operator. The notification association shall
continue to send out renotifications daily until the notification association receives the positive
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Starting January 1, 2020, if no Positive Response is posted to a locate request by the locate by date you will be automatically re-notified daily until a response is posted or until 30 days from the locate by date, whichever comes first. 
All ticket types require a response by the locate-by-date on the locate request. If a Positive Response is posted after the locate by date it will be considered late however the excavator will receive an additional email confirmation with the Positive Response posted.
ACTION ITEMS: Please contact Member Relations at if you have any questions or concerns. We will assist in a first-come first served basis.

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Will you re notify Moon Lake Electric please,
I have not received a positive response from them yet.
my ticket is: A131301243

Thank you,

Jeff Snider

Hi Jeffrey! We apologize for the inconvenience. If a utility does not mark by the mark-by-date, please call us to submit an Excavator Renotification Ticket. We will share your ticket number and one of our Damage Prevention Liaisons will look into this further.

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