Colorado 811’s iLearn811 is an online learning platform to help excavators and utility companies learn the One Call Law, Best Practices and how to dig with care. This class can be done on your time and at your pace.

Colorado’s iLearn811 platform is the first online learning management system (LMS) for excavators, landscapers, and contractors in the state of Colorado. The program is an interactive online course that can be taken at any time and at any pace. Users can complete one section of the course, save their spot and come back later.

Things to Know

  • The Excavator Course takes on average four hours to complete
  • The course covers Colorado’s One Call Law, terminology, ticket types, Colorado 811 procedures and best practices
  • After completing the Excavator Course, users will receive a certificate of completion

iLearn811 Instructions

  • Browsers that work best for iLearn811 are Chrome and Firefox
  • Click on the blue button at the top of the page or go to
  • Select “Create Account”
  • Follow the onscreen prompts
  • Register yourself
  • Select Colorado 811 for “Who are you training with?”
  • After submitting your new user info, you’ll need to login to your account
  • A Verify Email box will appear, a code will be emailed to you. Type that code into the box. If you did not receive the code click cancel and proceed. 
  • Select TRAINING LIBRARY at the top of the page
  • Select Excavator Training
  • (New window pops up) Click CONFIRM
  • Then click start to begin