How to Determine What The Safest Plants to Grow Above Your Utilities Are

Growing plants in your garden should typically be easy. However, when you also have to worry about utility lines – especially fragile internet cables and power lines – it’s important to avoid growing plants and trees that can grow larger roots.

consult with underground cable locators before landscape planting

Most of the time, the following recommendations from underground cable locator professionals should be enough to help you make a more sensible decision about the types of plants you choose:

  • Choose plants that typically grow to smaller sizes and have smaller roots. Their roots will not grow deep enough to become entangled with any of the utility lines, and even if they do, removing them will be easy since they are fragile.
  • Avoid trees and larger shrubs. Trees can branch out underground for many feet in every direction. Their root system is intricate and large, and over time your utility lines might be overwhelmed by the large roots of trees and shrubs.
  • Get plants with straight roots whose growth can be easy to predict. Imagine the carrot and how straightforward the growth of its root is. Similar plants also exists, and it’s worth looking into them, since their roots will grow straight down, so you don’t have to worry about them branching out and affecting any of your utility lines.

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