Excavator Re-notification

What is an Excavator Re-notification: An Excavator Re-notification is a new notification message directly communicated to the appropriate facility owners/operators when an original request is not fulfilled in its entirety, or positive response has not been posted and transmitted to the excavator.

When to use an Excavator Re-notification: If an excavator has not received marking or positive response after the mark-by-day, they will need to submit an Excavator Re-notification. Excavator Re-notification must be submitted within five business days from the mark-by-date.

How to submit an Excavator Re-notification: To request an Excavator Re-notification, please go online using Web Ticket Entry (WTE) or call 811

Benefits of an Excavator Re-notification: Allows the excavator to notify the facility owners/operators that the original locate has not been completed. This also acts as documentation of communication between the excavator and facility owners/operators. Having a completed locate is in the best interest of the excavator and damage prevention.

*Positive Response Definition: Positive Response is mandated under Colorado State law, to be provided by the underground facility owner to the excavator requesting the locate request. The facility owner is required to post a Positive Response through the Colorado 811 Positive Response System.