The Best Time of Year to Plant Trees

After purchasing some fruit-trees, you must, of course, plant them. Proper planting depends very much on the subsequent evolution of the tree, so it is good to keep in mind some aspects and avoid planting randomly.

Ideally, pits will be dug a few months before planting, as this favors a sterilization of the place. For example, for autumn planting, specialists recommend that the pits be dug in August, and for the spring plantings, pits will be dug in warm days during the winter. The size of the pits is best to be as large as possible, to provide ample growing space for roots and crown. Recommended tree pit size is 5 feet by 10 feet. Contact Colorado call before you dig services before doing any digging to ensure the safety of your home and maintain good working order of buried cables and water pipes.

mom and her child plant sapling tree

Digging the pits also aerates the soil, which will turn to be helpful for the development of the roots, especially in the case of hardened soils.

Tree planting is the work by which the trees obtained in the nursery are moved to their definitive place. Planting must be done in two moments of the year:

  • in September-October, when the soil is soft enough
  • early in the spring

Preparing the trees for planting begins with the removal of the injured parts of their roots, as well as the renewal or smoothing of the wounds that exist on the roots thicker than 3-4 mm. These operations must be performed in order to maintain a healthy root system and make the planting successful.