Winter Yard Maintenance

winter yard maintenanceWinter yard maintenance generally includes clearing the snow, lawn care, as well as some plants and shrub maintenance.

It is so nice when it snows outside, but unfortunately it can turn into a nightmare when precipitation becomes abundant. The easiest method to clean the snow in your yard and the area around your house is to seek the help of a specialized company, or to install a snow melting system. But these solutions are also the most expensive. The classic method is to use a shovel and to spread salt or special products that will not only help you get rid of the snow but will also melt the ice on the alleys.

When it comes to the lawn, it has to be fertilized. As for the rest of the vegetation in the yard, the evergreens should be watered constantly as long as the temperatures are above 0° C. That`s because, even in winter, they continue to lose water. Sensitive plants should be stored indoors, under optimal conditions, and constantly maintained. This way they will be preserved and you will be able to enjoy their beauty even during the cold season.

If you also plan to do some preparations for the upcoming spring, winter is a good time to plant various bulbous species of flowers, but only if the temperature is at least 5° C and the soil is not frozen or soaked with water.

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