Winter Yard Maintenance Tips

To ensure that the space around the house will survive intact to the cold season, it is important to take some precautionary measures in advance.

small young blue spruce covered with snow

Protect alleys, fences and other exterior structures

Exterior structures, whether they are made of wood, stone or composite, need your attention during the cold season. If you have wooden deck floors, cobblestone pavements or fences from different materials, autumn is the ideal time to provide them protection against the upcoming low temperatures and moisture.

At the same time, you can now also check for any problem areas; sick trees and roots, and tilted fences etc.; they will degrade even more during the winter, if you do not take action.

Here is what should do:

  • Paint the wooden surfaces. The exterior floor and other wooden structures require annual care to prevent rot and degradation
  • Evaluate the condition of stone and composite elements and take the necessary protective measures
  • Pay attention to outdoor furniture! Store it indoors, in winter, or cover it with a waterproof film

Protect the lawn

You must not neglect your lawn, during the winter. Cut the grass periodically and apply fertilizer until the end of the fall season, before the first frost.

If you run into maintenance problems, make sure you find underground cable locator professionals to check out your lawn for cables or wires before any digging repairs take place. This will ensure the safety of everyone doing the work, and minimize the opportunity for more severe problems to crop up over time.