Winter Lawn Care Projects That Might Require Hiring an Excavation Service

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      Although the winter season is generally a time when you should take it easy and rest in the warm comfort of your home after a long year taking care of your lawn and garden, it’s not always like that. Sometimes, you’ll find that the winter lawn care projects you have to take care of are even more challenging than what you have to do in the summer:

  •          Redesigning your lawn and garden will be a big project that requires excavation almost every time. You will likely have to dig under your lawn, which means you will need to take all the safety precautions necessary and call before you dig Fort Collins experts before you get started.
  • ·       Eliminating or replanting certain trees and shrubs will also be a pretty challenging project, especially in the winter when the ground is rock solid. You will likely need the services of a specialized excavation expert, before you even plan the project in the first place.
  • ·       Finally, having your lawn replaced or replanted might also require some excavation, depending on the scope and size of your project. While this isn’t generally something most homeowners do in the winter, you might find it necessary, if you want your new lawn to look bright and beautiful once the snow melts.