Winter 2018 – Vol.5 Issue 1

Understanding SUE and Road Grading Tickets

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Tickets
Subsurface Utility Engineering Tickets are intended for projects being designed by a license professional engineer that include the investigation and depiction of existing underground facilities meeting or exceeding the ASCE38 Standard.

When processing a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) request, facility owners have 10 business days to comply with the law and submit their records (maps, sketches, etc.). Colorado 811 is diligently working to implement software to accommodate the file attachment requirements relating to utility design work.

As we continue to work through this legislative mandate Colorado 811 encourages all member facilities owners and operators to share their records with the architect and engineer directly until the next release with file attachment capabilities are made available. 

Read more about the upcoming legislative software enhancements here

Road GradingAnnual road maintenance that does not exceed six inches in depth conducted by a governmental agency on an existing unpaved road, the marking shall be considered valid for up to 180 days.
All members within the county will be notified of a road grading ticket and have 10 business days to respond.

Click here to download the full Road Grading ticket process. 

2018 DIRT Data Deadline is March 31, 2019 

Click here to submit to DIRT.

Colorado law mandates facility owners and operators to submit their DIRT data and support meeting this year’s deadline to ensure a timely release of the Annual DIRT Report. No submissions will be accepted after the March 31, 2019 deadline. Colorado DIRT supports all stakeholders by collecting and analyzing underground damages and near miss events. With your submissions, the DIRT report works to depict an accurate picture of the status of damage prevention. This helps the industry direct education, measure efforts, develop best practices and guide legislation. To review the 2017 Damage Report with accompanying County Report Cards, (at the end of the report) please visit our website at

For registration or account access concerns please contact the Colorado 811 IT Department at

Locate Rodeo Winners From Colorado 

Colorado Springs Utilities sent three locators to the International Locate Rodeo and all three place in various divisions. Wes Kelley placed second in the Water Division, Steve Rohrbach placed first in the Power Division and Eric Wilke placed first in the Gas Division. 

The International Locate Rodeo recognizes the profession of underground utility locating and demonstrates the safety, skills and on-going educational efforts associated with high-quality workmanship. It’s hosted each year in October by Texas 811 in Denton, TX. 

First photo – Wes Kelley | Second photo – Steve Rohrbach | Third photo – Eric Wilke

April is National Safe Digging Month 

April is quickly approaching and it marks National Safe Digging Month in Colorado and across the country. Utility companies, excavators and locators will all use this time to remind the public of the importance of 811 and safe digging practices. 

Help promote National Safe Digging Month by downloading the National Safe Digging Month campaign toolkit. Even if you simply post the Safe Dig Month button on your company social media pages, it will help spread the message and keep our communities safe. 

New Positive Response CodesColorado 811 recently added five new positive response codes. Posting positive response in now required under the new legislation.

The new codes include the following:

Code 018 – Installation Records, Maps or Other Documents Have Been Provided (only allowed on SUE and Engineering tickets)
Code 019 – Marked, All Crossings Must Be Exposed During Trenchless Excavation
Code 020 – Sewer Marked – Best Available Information Provided on Laterals
Code 777 – Response Provided by Related Member Code
Code 888 – Ticket Has Been Cancelled

Click here to download the full list of Positive Response codes.

Notes for new Positive Response codes:
Positive Response code 888 will automatically be posted to tickets that have been cancelled.

Positive Response code 777 was previously known as “No Response Required From This Member Code”, for clarification code 777 has been changed to “Response Provided by Related Member Code”.

Get Familiar with the Safety Commission Understand how the Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission will function. 

Click here to learn more about the Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission.