Why Should You Call a Utility Location Service During Home Renovation?

Home renovations often involve projects that require the contractor to dig in your yard or alter the layout or structure in your home in a way that would influence the network of utility lines running in and out of your home, as well as underground, beneath your property.

A utility location service isn’t always necessary when you just want to renovate parts of your home interior, paint your house or install a new roof. However, in some cases, even those types of projects will bring about unexpected developments that might have you making a decision about tearing down a wall or having to bring a digging service to your house.

Colorado Springs utilities locationsBecause these instances can exist, it’s always prudent to call a specialized Colorado Springs utilities locations service beforehand, and have them look around to locate utility lines that might be hidden around your home and property. Whether it’s an old water line located somewhere close to your property and hidden a few feet underground, or a gas pipe that’s dangerously close to where the workers will be drilling, it’s a good idea to have a full account of the location of each utility line.

Once you have that, you’ll already know where you can and can’t use heavy machinery and how you should consider modifying your project so that all the utility lines on your property remain completely safe.

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