Why Isn’t It Safe to Dig Before You Call About Utilities?

Most homeowners and business owners already know: calling 811 is essential before starting any kind of project that requires the presence of an excavator or even the manual digging of various trenches. Why is it so important to call 811? That’s because this number connects you straight to the underground cable locator utilities professionals who are in charge of detecting whether or not any vital utility lines, power lines or pipes are running right under the area where you plan to excavate.

call 811 before you dig for landscaping projects

Excavations can be messy, and if you dealt with them in the past, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Some excavators are remarkably strong, not only to dig through the soft soil you see at the surface, but also to get through the hardened rock that’s found a few feet underground.

Unfortunately, in many instances, utility lines such as phone and internet lines, as well as water pipes, gas pipes and electric lines are often found underneath your home and property. Finding them on the blueprints isn’t always possible – or even if they are depicted, their location might not be accurate. So, to be sure, it’s important to always call 811 before your project, and avoid any unnecessary mishaps that could cost you some extra money.