Why Call Before You Dig Before Planting a Tree

You may not know, but any type of digging (for planting a tree, installing a mailbox, a fence etc.) requires you to make a call before starting your project. A few days before you dig, call 811 to prevent damaging underground utilities and other unintended consequences (property damage, injuries, as well as fines and repair costs for causing service outage to an entire neighborhood).

The hole for planting a tree must be three times wider than the root mass and some utility lines are really close to the surface. Assuming they are buried deeper than you dig without allowing a professional locator to check is a big mistake, so do not take this risk.

What is 811?

This is a number you can call from any state and you will be directed to a local call before you dig Fort Collins call center. You will communicate your digging intention to an operator and then your local utility company will send a locator to your property who will do the necessary measurements and marking.

If you had your property marked before, don`t just assume that you must not call 811 again. Some underground lines may be moved by soil erosion or root growth, so make sure to call before you dig in Fort Collins before any digging project.

call before you dig in Fort Collins before planting a tree

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Kevin Spradling

We need utilities marked for a tree removal and planting on June 4th in front lawn and back lawn. Can you send someone out to do this thank you.

Address is
16749 Niagara Way
Broomfield, CO 80023

720-930-1249 to call to confirm appointment.

Hi Kevin! You’ll need to submit your request you can do so online using our online tool, iDig811 https://idig811.co811.org/colorado/ or you can call us by dialing 811 and submit your request over the phone.

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