When Might I Need to Excavate My Lawn?

Small-scale lawn renewal, such as the replacement of the turf in a small area can be efficiently handled with a shovel and a barrow and it is also a great form of outdoor exercise, but larger landscaping projects are best done with the help of an excavator maneuvered by an experienced operator. Here are some types of projects that can be efficiently handled by excavators:

  • The installation of a new sprinkler system – modern excavation technologies can dig very narrow and very accurate trenches without causing extensive damage to the around the job site, so using an excavator is the best way to minimize disruption and turf loss;
  • Replacing your entire lawn – excavators can gently scrape off the old lawn, leaving the area clean for the preparations that need to get done before the new lawn arrives;
  • Landscaping done on unmapped land – the latest excavation technologies are suitable for excavation in areas with lots of hidden utility pipes and cables that you don’t want to dig into. These methods are much safer to use than manual digging;
  • Grading – the process involves large-scale digging in order to direct water flows away from your building and to create even surface to ensure proper flow through your lawn.

call before you dig excavation services

Remember that all excavation projects require call before you dig Fort Collins lawn excavation services from Colorado811. These services ensure the safety of all, and that buried cables, pipes, and wires remain undisturbed.