What Types of Cables are Buried Underground?

There are many types of cables buried underground. This operation is necessary because otherwise they would look messy and create a weird urban jungle, not to mention that at least some of them could also be dangerous. Underground cables are more protected from weather and other factors that could easily damage them. Their degradation can be related to the difference in temperature, exposure to UV rays, frost and exposure to toxic and corrosive environments.

call before you dig Fort CollinsThere are two ways to classify underground cables: by voltage capacity and by construction.

In the first category, there are low-tension cables (the most widely used and applied frequently in electric power distribution, as well as more powerful cables, used for electric power transmission at higher voltages (high-tension cable, super-tension cables, extra high-tension cables and extra super voltage cables).

In the second category, there are belted cables with a maximum voltage of 11KVA, screened cables (H-Type and SL-Type), as well as pressure cables that can be classified in two types –gas filled cables and oil filled cables.

All these types of underground cables must be buried deep enough to prevent any disturbance and also marked properly, so that they can be identified by call before you dig Fort Collins locators before digging projects.

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