What to Include in Your Checklist For Wintering Your Lawn

The first step to proper lawn maintenance in winter is by creating a detailed checklist – the tasks on the list won’t be too numerous, but they are very important for the health of your lawn, nevertheless:

  • Watering – irrigation is evidently useless in winter, when the soil is covered in snow, but it is essential in fall, when you work to prepare your lawn for the winter. The intensity should be reduced, of course, but it is recommended to water the lawn every 3-4 weeks until the first day when the temperature drops under 32 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Schedule time to turn off your sprinkler system prior to freezing. If you do not do this and the pipes freeze, they will most likely break, minimizing the effectiveness of your watering system, and resulting in necessary repairs. Remember before digging to repair your sprinkler system, schedule an underground cable locator specialist to map out other cables that may be buried in that area, to prevent further cable damages.
  • schedule an underground cable locator specialist prior to diiging to repair a sprinkler systemAeration – the process involves the digging of little holes in the soil to allow moisture and nutrients to penetrate more efficiently to the roots of the grass. You need to do it only once, a short time before winter settles in;
  • Overseed and fertilize – the time before winter is the time for spreading compost on your lawn and to sprinkle new seeds that will grow into lush, healthy and strong green leaves next spring. Schedule the task for the day when you sprinkle your lawn too – do the overseeding and the fertilization, then soak your lawn to allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil through the holes dug during the aeration process.

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