What Can Happen if You Don’t Call Before You Dig?

Calling before you dig is not an option, but a law requirement. If you think that only large excavation are dangerous to underground utilities, think again. Some of them are very close to the surface, not to mention that they can be moved by root growth or soil erosion. In this context, even digging holes for landscaping on your property is a risk that you should not take.

Before you do any landscaping, always call before you dig in Denver

Always call before you dig Denver utility location experts to avoid the following types of damage that may occur:

  • Plumbing line damage, resulting into noises and bad sewer odors
  • Electrical lines and cable damage – in this case, you risk personal injury by getting yourself electrocuted, as well as electricity interruption in your entire neighborhood until the problem is fixed. In the worst case, the grid is shared with other neighborhoods too, which amplifies the negative consequences.
  • Gas and oil line damage – this has the potential to be fatal for everyone on the same gas line as you. Gas leaks exposed to a lit cigarette ignite rapidly, set things on fire and even cause explosions.
  • Water line damage – if you hit a water pipe, you will likely cause a flood
  • Sewer line damage – in this case, you risk dealing with released toxins that also contain methane which creates the risk of explosion and asphyxiation. Also, considering that most communities share a common waste area, damaging a sewer line may result in the interruption of the entire neighborhood system.


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My fence company has not called 811 and now wants to dig for posts..and its Saturday..what can i do

Hi Jim, to submit your request you can do so online using our online tool, iDig811 https://idig811.co811.org/colorado/ or you can call us by dialing 811 and submit your request over the phone.

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