What Are the Most Popular Yard Decorations for This Halloween?

Halloween can quite possibly be a frightfully beautiful time of the year, when your creativity in decorating your home will be challenged by all your neighbors. The following tips should help you make sure your house will look like the scariest and most fashionable home in the neighborhood, even If you don’t go all out on expenses.

Anything that’s orange, glowing or eerie should work pretty well. What you should be looking for is a pumpkin shape, unique statues and figures that look like ghosts or ghouls, as well as anything reminiscent of zombies, gargoyles or vampires.

call before you dig when decorating for halloween

As long as you cover the supernatural, there’s no reason why you can’t consider embellishing your lawn and yard with some natural looking fixtures such as artificial vines or spider’s webs. They will give the impression that your home is a real life haunted house that people should beware in approaching.

Ensure you set up an appointment with Colorado 811 Colorado Springs technicians prior to completing any decorating that includes digging. You’ll want to make sure buried cables and wires are intact.

Consider the lighting of your home, since Halloween is all about what your home will look like at night. Using soft lighting, as well as orange, yellow and red lights contrasting with a few cool lighting fixtures will make your home look scarier than ever, as long as you play your cards right in arranging all the fixtures at the right locations and intervals.

Finally, you can’t start Halloween without a few traditional carved pumpkins arranged around your home. Consider using lights shaped and designed to mimic real life candles, to get the desired effect, but avoid using any actual candles, to avoid any safety concerns.