What Are the Main Types of Summer Projects That Require a Utility Locator?

Utility location involves services that are designed to help you find out what types of utility lines run below grown, in key locations that you’d like to use for specific projects. You might have heard of tree specialists being called to ascertain the location of tree roots before a major construction project. Well, this is pretty much the same, except Colorado utility locate technicians look for things like fiber optics lines, water mains or wastewater pipes.

call before you dig a garden

If you’re thinking of taking care of certain residential or commercial construction projects, you might have to call a utility location service, if the work you do will involve digging in your front yard or on the grounds of your commercial property. This goes the same for landscaping projects, many of which would require, for example, the relocation or removal of trees, rose bushes and even entire gardens.

Another project that will require you to call utility location companies is any repair work you might need to do to the foundation of your home or your basement. Contractors will typically ask you to call 811 and ask for a team of utility location experts to come over, before you ask them to do any kinds of modifications that would involve digging below your real estate property.