WebTMS End Of Life Announcement

End of Life (EOL) Announcement:

Dear Colorado 811 WebTMS User,

Colorado 811 has been pleased to offer Norfield’s WebTMS product to its members at no cost for over ten years. The product has been essential to helping all of us to assure compliance with the law, manage tickets, and improve productivity. Much like all software products at some point, a new version is offered, and support will no longer be provided to the existing aged program. This is the case with Norfield’s WebTMS EXE, an executable version only accessible on laptops or desktop computers running Windows OS. Although we no longer will support it, the version you are using will reach its End of Life (EOL) and End of Service (EOS) in the 3rd Quarter of 2021. You will no longer be able to use the old version after that date.

An improved and an enhanced version is ready now for your use. Many users have asked us about the use of this product on other devices such as tablets and smartphones. The new version has that capability. WebTMS HTML offers the same functionality as the old version and the additional benefits addressed in the attached document. Our member relations team is prepared to migrate users to the new version as soon as possible. Your users should be familiar with most of the features of the new version, but our team stands ready to help your team learn how to use new features and understand how they can continue to do the work they have been doing only on the new system.

WebTMS.exe Replacement Product: WebTMS HTML5

The new WebTMS HTML5 is a multi-center, web-based One Call Ticket Management System for receiving locate request tickets. The system dramatically assists users by managing locator workflow and assignments and transmitting positive responses to the One Call Center, thus, providing metrics for managers to effectively manage locate teams and response times. This new WebTMS HTML is a solution for the ever-increasing volume of locate tickets overwhelming utilities and locators. WebTMS was designed for utility members to effciently manage locate ticket requests received from multiple One Call Centers and states. We put all of your tickets in a simple layout so your work is seamless and efficient, which results in higher productivity for you and your locators.

Please RSVP to sign up for one of the many training classes being offered by our Member Relations department. Our staff will contact you with more details about migration scheduling. Click here to RSVP

About Norfield Development Partners

A pioneering damage prevention solutions partnership, Norfield Development Partners was founded in 2013 by Blue Stakes of Utah 811, Colorado 811, DigAlert, JULIE (Illinois One Call Systems), MISS DIG 811, North Carolina 811, OHIO811, and Virginia 811, all former customers of Norfield Data Products/Cosmic Computers Inc.

This announcement is from Norfield Development Partners

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