Virtual Mock Line Strike

Spark. Smoke. Explosion. Fire!! Looking around the world today there seems to be a variety of disasters. Wildfires across the West, mandatory quarantines, stadiums empty during national sporting events, virtual graduations, weddings and funerals (with limited attendance), learning to be a homeschool teacher, full-nesters with no places to send their new graduate, and not to mention a worldwide pandemic. We are all experiencing a year for chaos and to prevent further potential chaos, Colorado 811 decided to create an enticing virtual safety message to share with the public. Safety: Worth every precaution.

Prior to COVID-19, Colorado 811 planned to produce an in-person Mock Line Strike in Grand Junction, CO. However, the pandemic changed those plans. In the Spring, the state of Colorado deemed construction as an essential profession. Throughout the pandemic, Colorado 811 has seen construction continue to be in high demand. Since excavation is on the rise and most events are continuing to be virtual, Colorado 811’s Damage Prevention Department thought, “Why not produce a professional Mock Line Strike video to share with the state’s leading excavation community?” This video could serve as a safety message for contractors across the excavation industry.

Colorado 811 created a simulator to replicate a natural gas and liquid line strike. Through the production of the Grand Junction Mock Line Strike viewers will learn safe versus unsafe digging practices. The purpose of the Mock Line Strike is to educate excavators and contractors about safety and awareness while excavating. Also, using 811 is required by law and it can keep the community safe.

Building and construction is everywhere you look throughout Colorado. This means it is important that safe excavation practices continue to improve so we can avoid potential explosions. Stay tuned for the release of the Grand Junction Mock Line Strike in mid-November. After all, what’s most vital to all of us is returning to your homeschooler(s), smooch the teacher, pet your new puppy named Quarantine, and watch the Broncos play in an empty stadium.  Safety is what’s most important, so we can be with our families to support one another during these challenging times.

Blog Post By: Alicia Hays, Northeast Damage Prevention Liaison

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