Understanding Underground Utilities and the Importance of 811: Why Are So Many Wires Located Underground?

Nowadays just about all the experts in the field will tell you to call 811 whenever you plan a project that involves digging in your yard or anywhere else around the premises of your home or building. This often confuses people, as they don’t understand how one simple trench or hole can lead to any kinds of problems that would require utility experts to come in.

call before you dig in Denver

Unfortunately, most real estate properties in the United States sit on an entire network of utility lines. Whether you think about gas pipes or fiber optics lines designed for high speed internet transfers, a lot of the utilities installed during the past few decades have used underground lines to prevent long term damage. As a result, you really never know when you might hit an old pipeline or cable, as soon as you begin digging out an old tree stub.

Call before you dig Denver utility experts have special equipment that can detect these utility lines and pipes even if they weren’t drawn on the blueprints of your property. This is why it is extremely essential to call 811 before you start working on any kind of project that involves light digging or heavy excavation. Doing so can prevent your digging utensils and devices from hitting an utility line and causing not only property damage, but also leading to possible injury – if, for example, you hit a gas pipe or a high voltage power line.