Trends in Outdoor Kitchens

Nowadays, outdoor kitchens are more and more popular. They can be faithful copies of indoor kitchens, equipped with all the basic equipment (countertops, refrigerator, sink, oven and storage cabinets), but also with special outdoor cooking equipment (barbecue grill, pizza oven etc.).

As for styles, current trends show a preference for rustic and traditional, as well as for modern and contemporary.

In many cases, especially when it comes to old rural homes, there are dependencies around the house that have lost their usefulness and that can be transformed into rustic outdoor kitchens. The bread oven and the grill must not be absent and the sink has to be integrated into this assembly. The worktop should be made of wood or stone, and massive wood furniture can be used for dining.

As about contemporary style, the defining features are convenience and aesthetics. Contemporary outdoor kitchen mirrors the ones from the interior, gathering most of the equipment under a pergola located in the garden. Ideal furniture is removable and modular; materials are dominated by stainless steel and aluminum, for both furniture and household appliances. For lighting, the spots buried (before digging for lighting installation, make sure specialty services Colorado call before you dig is scheculed first!) in the land around the pergola / pergola, as well as the candles will certainly increase the elegance of the contemporary style.