Tips for Hosting Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties are great fun – whether it is a dinner party, a barbeque, a picnic in the backyard, a potluck party or some other event, here are a few ideas that guarantee success:

  • Skip the tablecloth for casual atmosphere – tablecloths are too formal, they are difficult to clean and cause trouble if the weather gets windy, so get rid of them and put the plates and the cutlery either on a bare table or use brown craft paper to replace the cloth.
  • Use disposable tableware and melamine plates – disposable plates are cheap and nowadays they come in very many different sizes and designs and the same is true for melamine serving accessories. Combine different colors and patterns for a rustic and relaxed arrangement.
  • Keep flies away from the dinner table with a simple trick – cut a lemon in half, stick cloves into it – it will not only exude a fresh and pleasant lemon smell, but will also drive away the flies.
  • Stock up on ice – make sure you have enough for the entire evening, especially if the night is hot.
  • Decorate the trees with string lights – trees wrapped in hundreds of tiny lights create a special atmosphere and will also provide sufficient illumination to make moving around in the garden safe after dark.

family enjoying meal in garden together

We hope you have found these entertaining tips helpful! As always, before digging anywhere on your property, contact Colorado call before you dig prevention services to ensure your property electrical and plumbing wires and cables are kept in tact and secure!