Tips for Staying Safe During Your Excavation Project

Excavation is a very efficient way to dig out foundations and trenches, but it is also a process that involves the usage of large and powerful machines, therefore it is essential to implement adequate safety measures  – visit – to make sure the work is carried among proper conditions and nobody gets hurt. Here are some tips how:

  • Make sure that everyone on the site is wearing proper safety equipment – the gear should include work boots and helmets;
  • Make sure that no work is done under raised loads – the loads might fall and they might cause serious injuries and damage;
  • Check the job site each day before work starts – check for any sign of compromised stability and don’t allow heavy machinery anywhere near weakened trench edges or other, dangerous areas;
  • Prevent cave-ins – cave-ins are very dangerous, so make sure that any hole, whether trenches or foundation holes, is strengthened with shields and supports;
  • Make sure that the machines and the other equipment used for the excavation or around the excavation site are properly maintained and are fitted with properly working, visual and audio alarms to notify everyone around about their presence and to tell everyone that they are moving.

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