Tips for Planning Your Summer Lawn and Garden Projects

Winter is the best time for starting to design the layout of your garden – when nature outside is still asleep, you can invest your energies into figuring out what plants would look best in your beds, how to make the soil in your garden suitable for those plants and how to take even better care of your lawn this year.

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Here are some of the things that you have to make up your mind about:
– Vegetable, herb, ornamental or a combination of the three – just pick a piece of paper and start designing your garden. Think about what you want to grow and about the needs the plants that you want, then start drawing the beds;
– While designing the layout of flower beds, think about blooming times, too – try to get plants that bloom one after the other, that way you can have a flowering bed all season;
– Learn from mistakes – if any of your plants disappointed you last year, by now you surely know what you should do differently. Make sure to incorporate those conclusions into your plan;
– Get the seeds and plant them into pots – you can start planting your seeds early on, to make sure that seedlings are strong enough to move outdoors when spring arrives.

Before you dig, look at to be informed on all safety requirements prior to excavating.

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