Tips for DIY Landscaping: Alley Patterns

Create wonderful garden paths from tiles scraps

If you recently moved in or renovated your home, you may still have some broken tiles that just lay around with no purpose. Here is an idea: break the remaining tiles into small pieces, mix them and use them to pave the alleys in the garden. You will get stunning results that will only bring you praise from your guests.

Garden paths made of useless pieces of construction materials

Responsible people focus more and more on recycling, so here is another interesting idea: take bricks, natural stones and even hollow bottles or pieces of glass. Bury them partially into the fresh concrete, make sure that each piece is visible enough but not very preeminent, because you need a smooth and easy to walk surface after all.

A mosaic made of gravel arranged with care

If you are an extremely patient person who like the things made with care and who even wants to get involved in all kinds of DIY projects that demand attention and focus on details, perhaps the mosaic-alleys, made from gravel, will catch you attention. All you need is an extra-dose of patience, but the result is worth the effort.

Please be reminded that before starting any project involving digging,  you contact trained utility location services to identify buried pipes and cables.