Ticket/File Attachment Update

April 10, 2020 – Colorado 811 will deliver secured web functionality enabling users to upload and associate file attachments to Colorado 811 tickets and Positive Response submissions.

Colorado 811 has a current target date of May 1, 2020, to deliver file attachments functionality to our stakeholders. This date could be pushed out if file attachment is not ready for WebTMS.

Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses all stakeholders. The general release of the new file attachments functionality is contingent upon reaching that goal in ticket entry, positive response, delivery and WebTMS HTML.

NOTE TO OUR WEBTMS USERS: The HTML version of WebTMS is currently in backlog status with our software partner. Colorado 811 is currently working with our software partner to develop the scope, budget and project plan to update WebTMS HTML with file attachments functionality. We’ll provide an estimated completion date for WebTMS once we have a complete understanding of the time and resources required to complete the work.

WebTMS HTML – Estimated completion date is TBD based on feedback from our software development partner.