Thinking Ahead While Planning Your Projects: How Will Your Digging Projects Affect Your Neighbors?

call before you dig in Fort Collins

Digging projects can be quite troublesome, even though, if you plan them right they will benefit you a great deal. Whether for the purpose of renewing your utilities, improving your landscaping or installing practical new walkways to get through your gardens and outdoor areas, it’s often well worth the expense to engage in a complex digging project.

Unfortunately, your neighbors might not share your enthusiasm in some cases, and civil litigation can even result from an angry neighbor who has been adversely affected by your digging efforts.

Your neighbors can be affected by your digging project in a variety of ways. First, depending on the equipment you use, the machinery might be quite noisy. As a result, your neighbor could end up fighting with you to protect their peace and quiet.

Another more serious problem has to do with utility lines that might go straight under your home and garden, leading to your neighbor’s home. If that’s the case, and you hit one of those utility lines with your digging equipment, chances are you’ll have to pay a lot of money to have your neighbor’s utilities reconnected.

To avoid such situations, always call before you dig in Fort Collins before engaging in any digging projects, and make sure the utility experts come to the scene to evaluate your property and tell you where it’s safe to dig.