Things to Avoid Planting in Colorado

Colorado is known for its harsh climate that can be endured only by the hardiest of plants. To avoid plant damage and loss, local gardeners need to bear in mind the needs of the plants chosen for their gardens – while there are numerous species that are attractive and sufficiently resistant to thrive among unfavorable Colorado climate conditions, others need to be avoided altogether. Here is a short list of plants that are generally considered to be hardy, but are not suitable for the Centennial State:

  • Rhododendrons – many beginner gardeners try their hand at these hardy mountains flowers, unfortunately without much success. The reason why these plants don’t like Colorado climate is intense sunshine in winter, the calcareous soil, the strong winds that dry the soil quickly and the wild temperature fluctuations;
  • Pin oak and maple oak – these plants have high iron demands and the calcareous soil of Colorado ties up iron in a way that makes the mineral unavailable for the trees;
  • Willow and elm – these trees are very sensitive to the snow that often comes unexpectedly in spring, when the trees are already in bloom. Snow is heavy and it damages the delicate leaves and branches of these species, wounding them and making them susceptible to disease.

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