Things You Need to Know and Do Before Starting Your Excavation Project

danger warning attention sign

When considering the most important aspects to pay attention to during an excavation project is fast completion and cost-efficiency, but there is another aspect that is perhaps even more important than the previous two and that is safety. To prevent accidents, such as excavating into buried utility lines that you did not know about as well as damage to the other components on the site, such as trees, you need to follow underground wire location best practices strict security guidelines – here are a few of the most important rules:

  • Knowing the type of the soil – the most suitable digging method and the safety measures should be determined based on the type of the soil to be excavated – the best strategy for soft soil is not the same as the most suitable method for rocky soil.
  • Locate underground utilities, both used and unused lines, prior to commencing the excavation project – the safest way to do this is by hiring a utility locator company that will identify all the cables and pipes that run underground with the help of special tools and machines.
  • Mark the location of the utilities clearly to inform machine operators about the areas should not excavate in.
  • Inform utility companies before you start – a very important safety measure that can prevent utility damage in the area surrounding the job site as well.