The Most Happening Places to Visit in Colorado This June

colorado vacation views

Planning a summer vacation in Colorado? Even though it might seem like there are other locations you can have more fun with – such as the pristine beaches on the West Coast or large cities like New York and Chicago – Colorado has its own charm and a natural beauty that surpasses most of what you will find within the boundaries of the United States.

But what are the main places you should think about visiting in Colorado this summer? Let’s find out:

  • Steamboat Springs is well-known among regular visitors who organize their winter holidays in Colorado. But did you know that the place is a pristine paradise during the summer? Endless fields of colorful flowers and the clean mountain air await you as you enjoy anything from the local hiking trails to the inviting premises of a genuine Wild West town.
  • Ouray is a place like no other. Nicknamed the “Switzerland of America” it definitely has a certain “Alpine” feel to it. Here you can go from hiking to photography every day and never get tired. But what really makes Ouray special for the intellectual visitor is the town’s rich history of gold and silver prospecting.
  • You simply can’t go through Colorado in June without getting to Durango. Among its other special vistas, as well as opportunities for kayaking, hiking and biking, Durango also boasts the famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a historic narrow gauge steam train ride with absolutely scenic views that will give you an truly unforgettable experience.

Colorado 811 wishes you safe travels, fun adventures, and incredible experiences as you visit our beautiful state of Colorado!