The Importance of Knowing the Underground Utilities in Your Backyard

Underground utilities refer to any below ground line, installation or structure used by a service/ utility provider. Examples: cable, internet and telephone lines, water service and sewer lines, electrical lines, gas lines, traffic signal lines etc.

You may have underground utilities in your backyard without knowing it and this can be a problem if you decide to start a digging project, even only for installing a new fence or a new mailbox.

dial 811 and call before you dig in DenverWhat should you do in this case?

You must dial 811 to call before you dig Denver utility specialists to mark those underground utilities on your property. Even if they have been marked years ago, you must take into consideration that they can move because of the dynamic of the soil, so you should have them marked before you start any digging project.

Unfortunately, surveys show that more than 50 percent of homeowners do not plan to call 811 before digging, which is worrying, because although these lines may look harmless, they can be hazardous and deadly. We cannot talk about an accident if someone creates havoc just because they have been irresponsible enough to ignore dialing 811 before starting their digging project, so there are legal implications for this.

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