The Importance of Knowing Exactly Where All Your Underground Utilities Are Located

In today’s advanced technological society, there are more utilities available than we can care to count. If you just bought a new home, chances are that many of the utility lines associated with these utilities are already running underneath your home and property, so it’s a good idea to be cautious whenever you want to set up a new digging project, even if it’s just to dig a few simple trenches for a new walkway.

Find out where your underground utility lines and cables are by calling 811 before you do any excavation.

Knowing exactly where all your underground utilities are located – and where any utility lines are found that don’t even go through your home – can be very important for a number of reasons:

  • It will provide you with information about where you can and cannot dig.
  • It will help you avoid huge fees and expenses associated with repairing damaged utilities.
  • It will assist you in choosing the right excavation tools and methods for avoiding utilities sand making sure that there is no damage.
  • Finally, it will also give you the peace of mind you need in case you’re planning any future excavation projects on your property as well.

Digging projects can already be tedious and costly, and you definitely don’t want to have the added anxiety of having to deal with damaged utility lines. So make sure you call before you dig in Denver prior to any excavation project.

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Knowing where you can and cannot dig is valuable. Without that information, you could cause problems for the whole neighborhood. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to me one day.

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