The Importance of Calling a Utility Locating Service

Locating and revealing hidden utility lines is essential for the safety of any building and landscaping project – whether it is a couple of old trees that you want to remove from your yard or you are just about to start digging out the hole for the foundation of your new home, you need old, unused and potentially dangerous utility lines out of the way before your project starts.

Old utility lines can be located with the help of the documentation about your land, but many plots of land have unused utilities so old that they do not appear on any document or lines that have been installed by private companies and have no related documentation available. Colorado 811

If you want to make sure that it is completely safe to start work on your land, you should turn to a company – Colorado 811  – that specializes in utility location. These services use various advanced technologies, such as hydroexcavation and special, ground penetrating radars to identify the location of old utilities and many of them also provide revealing services to dig out and to safely remove such unused utilities. The best way to ensure the safety of your worksite is to get your land checked by such a service and to extract any old pipeline or cable from your soil – once those lines and cables are removed, you can be sure that your plot is safe to work on.

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