The Damage That Can Be Caused When You Don’t Call Before You Dig

call before you dig

Have you heard of the “call before you dig” saying? This essential recommendation applies to all those who need to use excavation as part of their construction or landscaping projects. It is imperative to call 811 to identify Colorado Springs utilities locations. If you fail to call 811 before starting to dig, a lot of potential issues can come up, including the following:

  • You could hit a phone line or an electric line. In many cases, these utility lines run under various properties, and some are also quite old. So even mild contact can end up damaging them considerably, which could lead to a lot of disputes and unwanted expenses.
  • A more serious problem occurs when you hit a water or sewage pipe, or even a gas line. While the first two cases can be very destructive and the work required to fix the problem can be extensive, hitting a gas line can even be lethal.
  • The main issue is that you never know what you’re going to hit. There were cases when building plans showed no underground utility lines in an area where excavation work was started, but an Colorado Springs utilities locations electric or water line was still hit, because the plans weren’t accurate.

So, it becomes clear at this point that the “call before you dig” recommendation (or, in some places, required action) is one that exists not only to protect your assets and finances, and to prevent unwanted work extensions, but also to protect the lives of your workers and Colorado Springs excavation experts.