The Best and Safest Way to Find Buried Utilities

Utility lines buried and hidden underground can cause lots of problems and dangerous situations, especially on construction sites where the work involves excavation as well, therefore any building project should start with the identification of underground utility lines. Many of these lines are marked on maps and in other documents about the plot of land, but even so, the safest way to go is to get the entire plot checked. Fortunately, modern technology allows for checking your property down to very deep layers without moving any soil – with the help of a utility location service.

Colorado Springs utilities locations companies use maps and blueprints as well as advanced, non-invasive devices, such as ground penetrating radars to locate hidden utilities. The locator devices used by these companies emit signals that are reflected by the materials that the hidden utilities are made from, then the reflected signals are interpreted by the device and the buried utility is located. The utility locator company that you hire will also mark the surface of the ground in the area where they detect the utilities to inform the operators of the excavators and of other powerful machines about the areas to avoid while moving the soil, thus ensuring the safety of your construction project.

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