Taking Care of Your Colorado Succulents

For busy people who are away from home for longer periods, gardening may seem quite impossible, but actually it doesn’t have to be like this. The solution is growing succulents! They thrive in poor, shallow soils, survive in windy weather and changing temperature, so they can be safely and successfully grown in Colorado.

Succulents are very beautiful, whether you plant them alone or in groups; they have amazingly diverse colors, textures and shapes that will make any garden stand out.

Succulents don’t need too much water, so they will live even after longer periods of neglect, because they store water in their specialized tissues and release it progressively, in adverse conditions. Their leaves may shrink, but they will not die, but recover soon after being watered again.

With succulents, you will have significantly less worries about trimming, cutting dried foliage and disposing the debris. They only require minimum maintenance.

Succulents love light (although some species dislike being directly exposed to sunlight). Light and limited watering keep pests, fungi and bacteria away. Transplantation and propagation are easy to be done without making the plant suffer. As about fertilization, it should be applied only once per year, in summer, during the vegetating period.

Regardless of what you decide to plant, make sure you contact experienced underground cable locator specialists to keep utilities undisturbed in the planting process.

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