Steps to Take When Planning a Landscaping Project

call before you dig in Fort Collins so you know where there are buried cablesAny successful landscaping projects is carried out based on a plan – even if the plan suffers delays due to unexpected events, a thoroughly created schedule is essential for great results. Here are some tips about how to create the plan for your project:

  • Sketch a map – create a sketch of your existing landscape. Use graph paper and a suitable scale (2.5 cm for every 3m is sufficiently detailed), include the property lines as well as the existing objects and plants on your landscape to be able to determine what to keep and what to get rid of;
  • Prior to implementing the plan, you will want to call before you dig Fort Collins cable location experts, so that they can provide you with information regarding what types of cables may be buried underground. With this information mapped on your plan, you can avoid breaking cables and/or disrupting services.
  • Create the design on paper or on computer – use graph paper to draw a sketch of the new landscape or use a computer program to create the design;
  • Determine how long the changes take – figure out all the processes that will need to be handled and create a realistic timeline for the project;
  • Determine your budget – carry out a little research to find out how much the plants and landscape objects that you want to use and also try to figure out how much the services that you need, such as excavation or driveway installation, will cost you. Allocate a realistic budget – don’t spend all your money on landscaping and don’t rush the work, the process can be prolonged to allow you to put aside the money necessary for the next step.

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