Staying Safe with Underground Utilities During a Difficult Digging Project

underground cable locatorDigging around underground utilities can be like walking on a minefield. You never know when your shovel or digging equipment will hit a water line or a fragile fiber optic line that can cost you a lot of money if damaged. Fortunately, staying safe with underground utilities is simple if you simply follow the instructions that experts give you and call 811 prior to your digging project.

Back in the day, electric cables weren’t channeled underground and internet cables never existed. The only thing you had to worry about while digging in your back yard was whether or not you’d hit the sewage line or some old underground pipe.

Today things are very different. We have water and gas lines, as well as phone, internet and electric cables going underground and underneath our properties. Fiber optics are also more common than before, and in some cases there are multiple power lines or phone lines going beneath the same property.

Under the circumstances, it is imperative that you call 811 before any project that involves digging, whether just a couple of feet below the surface, or deeper. The utility underground cable locator experts you call will be more than capable of assessing the situation, identifying the utilities and their location, and providing you with clear instructions on where you can and can’t dig.

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