Spending Time Outside This July – Enjoy the Great Weather in the Patriotic Spirit

summer fun

July is a great month to celebrate friendships and family outside, enjoying the great weather – here are some tips:

  • Over the 4th of July, watch the parades and the fireworks – all towns and cities celebrate Independence Day with parades and fireworks, so going out to see the events or to join in on the fun is a great way to spend the day outdoors. The fireworks is a must, just make sure you arrive early to be able to find a good seat;
  • Go for a run – if you are athletic or you are in a good shape, you can participate in an organized run. Most events can be joined for a small fee and the proceeds are donated to charities, such as supporting army veterans;
  • Organize a picnic with friends or family – even the greatest weather is more enjoyable in the company of your loved ones and with great food, so pack a large picnic basket and invite everyone to a great place around town where the view is beautiful and there are some shady trees as well;
  • Host an outdoor party – decorate your yard with patriotic colors and ornaments that feature the national flag and host a potluck party, with your guests bringing some patriotic dishes to the party.

July is also a good month to work on landscape and garden projects. Remember to always use call before you dig Denver service experts before digging to ensure your safety. By identifying underground cables etc, you will also ensure that public services cables and wiring are left undisturbed