How To Save Money on your Landscaping

To have a beautiful garden, a green oasis where you can relax, you need a little creativity and time. Without investing a lot of money, you can reuse various old objects that can be turned into unique ornaments.

  • An old cauldron

This item can be turned into a fabulous pot. You can also overturned it to the ground, throwing a handful of flower seeds in its extension. When they grow up, they will look like flowing out of it. A lovely picture!

  • PET bottles

Plastic bottles a real raw material for setting up a suspended mini-garden. You can cut, color or decorate them according to the desired effect and you can easily create a hanging system, symmetrical or asymmetrical, on the surface of a wall. You can plant aromatic herbs, needed by the kitchen, or flowers, which, once mature, will dress the wall in a very beautiful way.

A perforated pet can also become a wonderful sprinkler that you can use to soak your flowers.

  • Old tires

Tires, bigger or smaller, can be cut into different shapes so that the interior creates an area where you can put soil and plant flower seeds. Of course, they can be painted in any color.

  • Last but not least, consider paved alleys with natural stones, as well as pots made of anything!

However you put your creative juices to work, make sure if digging is involved in any of your projects, you secure underground wire location services to keep you and your neighbors safe and healthy!