Safe Digging Month 2024

Each year Colorado 811 observes and celebrates April as National Safe Digging Month. This year Colorado 811 partnered with Colorado Governor Jared Polis to secure a proclamation declaring April as Safe Digging Month.

The Stage of Colorado Proclamation issued April 1, 2024 reads:

Whereas, damage to Colorado’s underground utilities by excavation and digging projects directly affects the safety and the economic welfare of our people and communities; and

Whereas, Colorado established the One-Call Notification System in 1986 as a fast, easy, and comprehensive way to ensure that underground facilities are properly marked before an excavation project or any digging begins; and

Whereas, it is important for excavators, contractors, and homeowners to know that state law requires them to contact Colorado 811 (the Utility Notification Center of Colorado) before embarking on any excavation or digging project; and

Whereas, Colorado 811 continually works to raise awareness about its key message: “811, know what’s below, call before you dig”; and

Whereas, Coloradans recognize Colorado 811 for its continuing efforts to reduce the incidence of preventable utility damages and so help protect the health and prosperity of our state; and

Whereas, the Underground Damage Prevention Safety Commission within the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment promotes public safety by developing best practices and reviewing complaints of alleged violations of the One-Call Law;

Therefore, I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hearby proclaim the month of April 2024, as DIG SAFELY MONTH

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